Before & After Galleries | Beverly Hills Center (2023)

Hedy Hobbs

I have done an abundant amount of research over the years regarding different types of face lift procedures, looking at pictures of their outcomes and I kept circling back to Dr. Talei – so needless to say, I was prepared with a list of questions when I went for my consultation. In order to leave a deep impression on someone, you need to make them feel something ... preferably something good. During my visit, all his staff, from front desk to nurses, were polite, respectful and professional. I’ll join the chorus of other reviews from those who found Dr. Talei warm, engaging and sincere. I will add that he was very candid about what procedures he thought would be best where I would be happy with the results and the pros/cons of alternatives – no snake oil here. As luck would have it, I was also able to see the results of his recommended surgery on one of his recent patients and get all my questions answered. He’s booked for the next 4 months which is a testament to his skill and demand.

Stephanie Baldwin

Professionalism, prompt and amazing results and 3 words I could sum up Dr. Ben and his staff. When I first visited Dr. Talei I was nervous like anyone would be before a procedure but Ben and his staff made me feel right at home and comfortable. You can tell he has a gift and natural talent. His staff topped of my services with their outstanding customer service , professionalism , knowledge and helpfulness. I had so many questions and concerns and they put me at ease. I highly recommend Dr. Ben and all he does. You wont be disappointed.

Cirquelde LLC

Dr. Talei is talented, down-to-earth, warm and an all around great guy. I'd recommend him because you'll get the best experience while in his care and for his talent. He does amazing lip lifts, scar revisions, blemish removal, fillers, you name it. He also cares about making the world a better place through charity work and donating his services to those in need. Really all you could ask for in a human, let alone a doctor. And a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon at that. His staff are super nice and his office is the coolest. I will be going back for angioma removal and acne scar revision, very trustworthy doctor.

Maria G

I want to give doctor Ben Talei and his team 5 stars, because since the moment I walked in the team was very professional. Doctor super professional and answer all my questions and made me feel very comfortable and relax. GOD BLESS. Truly recommend

Anya Golden

I’ve been going to Dr. Ben Talei for several years and I absolutely love him. My favorite procedure I’ve gotten is the profound RF facial. The results were astounding! The downtime was only 2 weeks and I looked five years younger. It was basically a face lift without any surgery. I love how kind, generous, thorough, intelligent, talented, funny, and most importantly conservative Dr. Ben is with his patients. Unlike many doctors who simply want to make the most money from their clients, Ben will never do anything that he feels will not have the best long-term results. If he thinks a procedure will have complications and won’t look good in the long run, he will not perform it. I have recommended Dr Ben to all of my friends and my husband. Everyone has had nothing but the best experience with him and they always come back. Thank you so much Dr. Talei for keeping me looking my best !

Ninon Aprea

Amazing Doctor and Staff!! Dr. Talei is incredibly talented and thoughtful. The staff are THE BEST!!! Professional, kind, supportive, punctual, friendly and highly trained. You are in the best hands here.

Nicole Miller

My experience with Dr Talei has been GREAT every single time! I am so grateful I finally found a doctor that really cares about his patients. He is very compassionate and immediately understood my problems and helped me fix them. He is extremely knowledgeable, talented and generous. I've never met a doctor like him and I am beyond grateful to have him as my doctor. He's results say everything about how talented he truly is. He's the best at what he does!!! He's friendly and warm and his staff is really nice too. I recommend him to everyone who's looking for a good doctor. I only trust him with my face!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Ahlam Shalabi

Dr. Talei and his staff were amazing. I went in for a consultation and was blown away by the entire staff. Their professionalism, kindness and interest in their client's satisfaction and comfort was obvious and genuine.

Sonny Henty

Dr. Talai is the best doctor ever, should you be lucky enough to get an appointment with him he will change your life for the best! Honest, kind and caring this doctor is the go to for a natural look. Our entire family and friends see him for any minor upkeep or really any beauty needs! Feel free to reach out with any questions !

Emily Coon

had some real minor fillers to even out my nose.. was super easy and took less than 5 min. Ben is amazing at what he does. The girls up front were so gracious and helped me out spectacularly as well. Sending all my friends.

Maria Deneco

Dr. Talei exceeded my highest expectations. Although I have had consultations with three other plastic surgeons who are well known as celebrity doctors, they could not figure out how to improve the sagging area under my eyes & they didn't even think fillers would help. Thanks to his willingness to share before and after photos of people of all ages, I gained the confidence to have upper and lower eyelid surgery. It was an excellent surgery, almost completely painless, excellent anesthesia with no nausea, excellent everything! I look so natural and my scars aren't visible- I am so happy that I'm willing to go public with this. Dr. Talei has celebrity clients also, but the difference is that he only does facial surgery and is a true artist. Finally, he is extremely kind!

Zoe Holland Nelson

Dr.Talei and his staff are more than exceptional. I recently had a procedure performed under local anesthesia in office and I was very satisfied with the entire experience. Dr.Talei is very meticulous with his work. He goes out of his way to educate his entire staff with every teaching opportunity to ensure they will appropriately represent his level of perfection & professionalism. Veronica coordinated all of my appointments, before & after care, and went out of her way to personally text me over the weekend (checking on how I was feeling).Nurse Esther was amazingly comforting before, during, and after my procedure. She kept me calm, comfortable, and confident with my procedure protocols and expectations. I will likely be adding another review once I fully heal from my procedure. Until then, I genuinely thank Dr. Talei for his surgical artistry and his stellar staff members, Veronica, Esther, & Danny (Surgical Tech). You guys rock!

Kelly Skillern

Dr Ben Talei is brilliant at what he does. All of my expectations for patient care as well as outcome were exceeded. Thank you greatly Dr Ben Talei and staff!

Juliette St.Antoine

I had an amazing consultation with the best staff! Felt totally comfortable and at ease. Would highly recommend him.

Greta Jablonskyte

Ben Talei is one of the most talented plastic surgeons in the area and his work speaks for itself. He’s attentive to your needs and always delivers exceptional results! Highly recommend him!

J Miller

I am absolutely thrilled with my results and it’s only been a week since my Auralyft, Necklift, Brow Lift & Fat Grafting. I researched for over 5 years before choosing Dr Talei. He is extremely talented, knowledgeable and humble! His staff is wonderful and very welcoming! I can’t wait to see my final result!

Jessica Rice

I am beyond grateful I have found Dr. Ben Talei to meet all my facial needs for the rest of my life! He is gentle and knowledgeable. He is relatable and takes his time to make sure you get the results you are looking for.

Azu Mateo

Dr. Talei fixed my ears! Such an amazing and talented surgeon! When I was younger I went through the phase where I thought stretched out ears were so cool and now that I’m an adult I regretted it. In less than 15 mins he was able to fix my ears and after they healed he pierced them for me! I’m so happy I’m able to wear normal earrings again! Shout out to Natalie too! Such a sweetheart

laura cheung

Dr Talei is the best plastic surgeon in the whole wide world! He is an artist with good eyes and Magic hands! If you’re looking to get face or body plastic surgery then I strongly suggest you to see Dr. Talei and he’ll give you his honest professional opinion! He’s meticulous about his work and the results are amazingly flawless !!!!

Noushin Nikfarjam

Best service I've got from any doctor's office. I would definitely recommend your service to my loved ones.


Doctor Talei not only corrected my son physical appearance he also gave him self confidence. He made my son feel confortable throughout the process. He made me feel the emotional support I needed as well. Some people don’t see how helpful “cosmetic surgery” can be but when you suffer from a deformity all your life and people exclude you or make fun of your appearance it’s NOT cosmetic is Mental Heath. Thank you Dr Talei and staff for this past three years that you all been there for my sons transformation and empowerment process.Not to mention that it was done completely free.

Lauren Sells

I was looking for a doctor that just focused on the face who was very knowlagble and talented with injections and luckily I found Dr Talei. I flew in from Florida so I definitely did my research.The staff was very nice. Dr Talei was extremely nice and patient and went out of his way for me. I will certainly be back, thank you.

Jorge Maluf

Dr. Talei is one-of-a-kind doctor. His amazing surgical skill, vision and artistry are what any patient dream of. Perhaps the only things outweighing his talent, are his class and commitment to changing lives. Ana

Ani Movsesian

If I could give Dr. Talei 100 stars I would! I have never met such an amazing doctor. Not only is his work perfection but so is his personality. He actually cares to listen to my needs. He always keeps me looking natural and flawless. His staff is super kind and welcoming, always feels like I’m at home when I’m visiting Dr. Talei’s office. Thank you dr and staff for all that you do!

Courtney Plotnick

I know numerous friends and relatives who will ONLY have their faces worked on by Ben. Talk about trust! And these are people with the highest standards. And they look amazing thanks to Ben’s hard work and skill. Just look at his before and after photos! There is no doubt in my mind that if you want the best, this is the surgeon for you.

Rashad Subhan

Dr. Talei felt like he was my friend from the minute he walked in. He was warm and welcoming and he paid attention to what I wanted done, while offering his own professional opinion. He did an amazing job augmenting my lips in a way that still looked natural and was exactly what I asked for. He also used filler to straighten out my nose, which is something I’ve always wanted to do but was too scared to go under the knife for. It was great to get similar results without surgery. Definitely recommend him to everyone.

Axel Peebles

Sorry for the mess! I got the wrong doctor with the earlier low rating. But this guy seems great !


I must say I was pretty surprised to see a such a negative review about Dr. Ben Talei. This angel of a man is the one who restored my lips to their former glory after two plastic surgeons in Encino almost destroyed them. My first consultation with him was in October 2015. I went to see him after a plastic surgeon in Encino did fat transfers on my marionette lines. At some point during the process, he completely shifted the corner of my lips. After numerous attempts of trying to fix the deformation he caused me, I consulted with another surgeon based in Encino who assured me that she could fix my issue with fillers. She also failed miserably! Not only were the corner of my lips uneven, but the fillers she applied to my marionette lines made my corners purple. Once again after numerous attempts of trying to rectify the issue, she made it worse and I had her dissolve the fillers that were causing the bruising on my marionette lines. After she do it, I noticed that the corner of my lips shifted downward. At the time I was only 37 years old and my mouth looked like the mouth of a 70 year old woman!I was extremely depressed by this. In the span of 6 months my mouth completely changed because of two individuals who weren’t skilled to work on the face. I was so distraught that I didn’t want to leave my house. I knew that I had to find someone who only focused on facial plastic surgery and after extensive research I came across Dr. Ben Talei. Although I was terrified of meeting with another plastic because I was still traumatized from my two pervious experiences, I knew in my heart after meeting him that he would help me. He was very detailed about the procedure that would best benefit me and the expected results. He also mentioned to me that there would be some scarring that would be visible, but he also told me that he’d laser the scars until they were completely gone. I didn’t contemplate it for too long and I decided to move forward with the corner lip lift surgery. This decision by far has been the BEST decision I’ve ever made! Although there were two visible scars like he said, with the lasering he’s been performing they are almost completely gone and my lips are even! Dr. Talei truly is a genius when it comes to his work. He has never pushed anything on me or has he ever come across as arrogant. He’s always been compassionate and has always had my best interest at heart.Dr. Talei has been nothing but professional and ethical. He is NOT in it for the money. This man is always doing pro bono work for the less fortunate and raising money for numerous charities. He’s humble, caring and selfless. I’ve referred numerous friends and colleagues to Dr. Talei and they have all been very happy with him and their results. Please do NOT let ONE person’s negative review stop you from meeting a man who truly is gifted with his hands and could potentially change your life for the better like he did with me.

Tamara Ely

My experience from the moment I walked into Dr. Talei’s office was very professional and inviting. His staff is amazing in making you feel extremely welcomed, smiles everywhere. Dr. Talei is professional as well as warming at the same time. I truly felt as if I had known him forever even though it was my first time meeting him. I felt at ease asking him mundane questions as well as important ones, he answered all of them and of course he did it with patience and a smile. I’m excited to have met Dr.Talei and staff and look forward to gaving my surgery with Dr.Talei, I know I’m with the best!

Bernardo Machado

Dr. Ben Talei is one of the greatest doctors I’ve ever met. Despite being younger than the other plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills, he’s revolutionizing the industry with his ability and charisma. He makes all patients feel comfortable, and I say that because not only I’m one of his patients, I have also brought my family there, and it takes a lot of trust to do that. He’s so good that nobody is able to notice after a procedure is done, and for me personally, this is when a plastic surgeon did a great job, when not even your family is able to notice the procedures. If anyone is still in doubt if Dr. Ben Talei should be your plastic surgeon, just take a look at his before and after pictures.

Melissa Jane

Thank you Dr. Talei & his amazing staff! Dr. Talei & his staff made feel right at home. I can’t wait to see my results!!!

Peter Schwartz

Ben Talei is not only one of the most skilled surgeons in the world, he is one of the most generous and altruistic individuals I have ever met. If he’s not traveling to South America to donate his time to creating ears for children who were born without them then he’s traveling to Vietnam to provide care to children with hair lips. If he’s not holding a fundraiser for victims and survivors of spousal abuse he’s helping his patients be happy with what they see when they look in the mirror. An exemplary individual by any measure.

Daniel Mickelson

Thank you Dr. Ben Talei. It has been a year and six days since my surgery and I could not be more pleased. My biggest fears were never realized as this man is an artist. I am still myself with a more youthful and refreshed look. Gone are the heavy lids and saggy skin and neck. The result has given me a renewed confidence that I thought was lost. Yes, I walk by the mirror and I love what I see. Throughout this journey I have had the pleasure of getting to know the man as well as the doctor. To witness the humanitarian side of the man and his selflessness has been a gift. Actually this is showing up under my husband, but I, Laura-Leigh Mickelson, am the canvas that Ben so beautifully restored.

Summer Rogers

The staff very sweet and friendly. And the Doctors here are amazing.

Matthew Nejad

I’ve had the honor of collaborating with Dr. Talei for almost 2 years now and his work is really nothing short of miraculous. I am a dentist and we have a lot of patients in common. The transformations I have seen on our patients never cease to amaze me. I didn’t know it was possible to perform work so natural and and invisible, it’s incredible. I recommend him to all our patients- He’s as expert as they come. Ben if you read this, keep doing what you do doc Your patients are truly blessed. - Matt Nejad DDS

Nick Brando

Ben Talei and his staff at the Beverly Hills Center for Plastic and Laser Surgery are the most amazing people in the world. His office is state of the art and I have never felt more comfortable in a surgery setting. He and his staff made everything effortless from pre-surgery to recovery. His surgical techniques are impeccable. I was left with no scarring and could not have been happier with the results. He explained everything along the way and was more than accommodating when scheduling follow-up appointments.

Cecilia Burke

Went in for my 6 month check-up always great to visit with Dr Talei he is so amazing.

Julia Faria

Ben is the best. I trust him 100% I refer him to all my clients

Sonia Montejano

Dr Talei is a master of his craft, a true natural talent! I absolutely recommend him without hesitation!!

Kami Hebroni

True life saver!!! After my five year old son cut his chin at the play ground I contacted his office. Staff was amazing and very helpful to get us in right way. When we got there he saw us immediately, and the way he took care of my sons cut was amazing. My son was scared of getting stiches, but the way he treated him and did the stiches was amazing with no pain or tears . His office is state of the art, true Beverly Hills surgeon. I am very thankful to him and his staff .

Toni Harrison

Simply the best. Precise work that looks and feels natural, just as I hoped. You’re in excellent hands with a knowledgeable and caring surgeon.

Toni Harrison

Simply the best. Precise work that looks and feels natural, just as I hoped. You’re in excellent hands with a knowledgeable and caring surgeon.

Abby Morganstein

Omg I have many friends (and their family) who have used this phenomenal doctor and his lovey results. They have all told me how professional and kind his staff is. I just hope I can get to LA and have a little work done with Dr. Talei.

Kailey Magder

Amazing! I felt completely comfortable with Dr. Bentalei and would recommend him to anyone. He is extremely talented and knowledgeable.

Justin Klosky

Regardless of what you are going to Dr. Ben or the Beverly Hills Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery, him and his team are kind, caring, compassionate and know what they are doing. I would trust them for any procedure!

Tony A

#1 office is Beverly Hills, would not even think of goin anywhere else!

Darci Mayan

Best plastic surgeon ever!! Dr. Talei is honestly one of the most caring and skilled doctors in his field. I first went to Dr. Talei for a consult in 2015. I had some concerns in regards to previous filler treatments from a different doctor. He was very attentive and took his time to explain what he suggested needed to be done to achieve a natural result that I would be happy with. I have since been a loyal patient. He cares about his patients on a personal level. I have always felt treated with the most professional care and respect from Dr Talei. He has an impeccable eye for detail. His opinion is trustworthy and the results are phenomenal. People would constantly tell me how refreshed and beautiful I looked and ask me what I’m doing different. I had the natural ‘did she’ or ‘didn’t she’ result I wanted. Dr Talei is very realistic, truthful and will never mislead you. It is evident that he is a perfectionist and a true artist that takes great pride in his work. He gave me the most beautiful and natural results beyond what I expected. What I appreciate about Dr. Talei is that he is very passionate about his patients and what he does. I don’t feel like I’m just a “number” here, as I have at other places. The combination of his excellent education, abundance in experiencw, and precise eye for detail is what makes him a world class Dr. and the best of his kind. He is an all around balanced, happy, humble, and genuine person which significantly contributes to the professional and personal care he provides. The atmosphere in his beautiful penthouse office is very warm and welcoming. I love this place and Dr. Talei so much that I would want to come back much more frequently but his work is so good that I don't need to!! I highly recommend Dr. Talei to all my friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances.

Sammy Tantawy

I came across Beverly Hills Hair Group and Dr. Talei online. I had done many consults in regards to a FUE hair transplant in the past year with numerous doctors and clinics but I was never comfortable moving forward. Upon meeting Dr. Talei, Fabien, and his team I immediately felt at ease. Their facility is top notch and a state of the art clinic.Dr. Talei and Fabien were straightforward about the process and what exactly I was to expect. Never was I felt pressured to book the procedure nor did I feel they were trying to upsell me on other treatments. They actually both encouraged me to consult with other physicians for education purposes and told me to choose someone I would feel the most comfortable with. Little did they know that they were the fifth or sixth clinic I was consulting with.I decided to add a PRP treatment to my 2,300 grafts FUE procedure.It’s been 9 months now since I have done my procedure. The procedure day was flawless. Dr. Talei and Fabien walked me through all the steps I would go through and Fabien constantly checked on me to see if I was ok. Their surgical team is on point, professional, courteous and super friendly. It was a long procedure but they had music on demand and movies on demand and the staff was chatting with me the entire time. I have to say it felt more like an experience rather than an actual surgical procedure. Aside from the numbing which maybe lasted a minute I felt no pain at all. The following days were also on cruise control. I followed their instructions and I had just mere discomfort. I took Tylenol the first couple days and that was it.Fabien kept in touch with me the next couple weeks to make sure everything was good.Now 9 months later my hair is growing crazy!!! I look younger and I have definitely gotten my confidence back up. It’s a game changer. And my girlfriend is so HAPPY. Thumbs up to Beverly Hills Hair Group, Dr. Talei, Fabien and their team. Amazing medical attention along with an incredible level of hospitality and attention.

Marc Toto

Dr Talie is not only an amazing doctor, he’s a great guy. I can highly recommend him!

Heidi Nouali

Beautiful work. Super comfortable environment. Excellent attention to detail.

Bijan Y.

Friendly, Family oriented care makes anything you do with Dr. Talei much more pleasurable. His work speaks for itself, you won't be disappointed!

Heather Reinhardt

The word talented doesn't even begin to describe Dr. Talei. What really had me compelled to write a review was his kindness and grace. I was a bit nervous to have a procedure done on my face (I'm more of an organic / all-natural kind of person... you'll find me at Whole Foods or Erewhon before going to a doctor - usually as my last resort) yet I had come to the conclusion that it was time I did something about a spot on my face. He made me feel calm about the procedure and we talked and laughed the entire time. He's simply the best!

Shaw Mangoli

I'm convinced Dr. Talei is a magician. Only magic can can result to the artistry he creates. On top of that, he is so passionate about his craft and works with love and joy. His staff are by far the kindest of most professional I have ever encountered and they make you feel as if you're at home. If you were to ask me, I would say Dr. Talei is hands down the best in the industry.

Mike Hakimi

I highly recommend Dr. Ben Talei and his staff at the Beverly Hills Hair Group for anyone that is considering any hair transplant procedure. They are the most professional and talented team and also to mention his office was walking into a Hotel Oasis. Dr. Ben Talei is clearly knowledgeable about the treatment of hair loss and you will feel comfortable knowing that he knows what he is doing if you decide to select him to perform your hair transplant procedure. He will discuss the various options. Dr. Ben Talei takes a personal interest in you believing you made the right choice.At the age of 50 and felling like I am still 35, the only difference was the hair loss. I had 2079 graph hair transplant procedure done. The procedure was a little long with no pain at all and no down time for me. Believe it or not, the following day, I was at a party. After the procedure, Dr. Ben Talei and his staff constantly followed up with me, which it felt, I was someone special. It’s been 3 weeks since the operation and I have already noticed the hair growing. The Donor area was back to normal in 3 days for me and at the 9 day’s no one was able to even notice anything. I highly recommend everyone that is thinking of getting a hair transplant procedure with Beverly Hills Hair Group. Dr. Ben Talei is the only one in my books.

Fariba Haghnazarzadeh

He is not just professional but humble and kind.

Afsaneh Malaekeh

There are people in life whose profession chooses them! Dr Talei is not only expertly trained and qualified but more importantly he has the “eye” for creating natural beauty. With my hyper critical eye as a dentist, I was so worried to have a rhinoplasty. My result has been wonderful and the subtle changes have made me look younger and my face more soft. He is kind, listens to your concerns and requests, is always professional and of course more than expertly experienced. Ben you’ve made daunting surgery too easy!

Shelley Perez

Dr. Talei treated me for a disfiguring scar contracture utilizing the technology of fat, PRP and cryogenics. His research about how to safely yet effectively treat my concern, his willingness to treat me frequently (fitting me in his busy schedule up to several times per week for six months), and his kindness and compassion during the whole process – exceeded my greatest expectations.

Stormy Lee Rollins

Dr. Talei is so nice & easy to talk to.I’m so glad I waited the 3 months to get in for my consult. I’m planning on moving forward w/ my procedure next month.

Elycia Rubin

Dr. Talei is the absolute best in the biz! His before and afters speak for themselves. Take a look for yourself.

Anya Benton

Dr. Ben Talei is one of the most knowledgeable and skilled professionals in the world. He performed a Profound treatment and did a neografting hair transplant on my husband. We are both beyond happy with the results. He is so genuine, sweet, kind, generous and absolutely amazing at what he does. There are not many doctors who have such an understanding of the face and can achieve natural looking, scar free results. He truly cares about his patients and still makes time to give back to the community by volunteering and traveling abroad to perform free procedures for underprivileged children across the globe. Love you Dr. Ben Talei! Thank you!

Pate Stevens

He is the best Plastic Surgeon I have ever met. He is an artist of the face. Dr Ben is state of the Art Cutting Edge Plastic Surgeon. I urge you to look at his before and afters. Also a true genuine kind souls filled with kindness. I highly recommend him.

Jeannine Bisignano Madsen

Wonderful informative Doctor.One to keep his eye on,,,,,Kind and The results I have seen on other patients are insane!!!Love HIM!!!

Michelle Regoso

Dr. Talei is BRILLIANT, funny, and truly cares for his patients! I have sent him patients for birthmarks, vascular conditions, and other treatments. I trust him completely with my referrals! Meet him and you will not only be impressed by his cutting edge techniques and results, but his magnetic personality too!

Jennifer Naimi

Dr. Talei is truly the best! His work looks so natural!! I will never let anyone else touch my face!

Rhonda Leader Michaels

A true Mensch! And being a great DR is an added bonus. Feel free to FB me if you have any questions.

Ari Marom

Dr. Talei has the best lasers in town with the most knowledge on how to offer the most effective results!


What is the Auralyft procedure? ›

A deep plane facelift is intended to eliminate sagging skin at the base of the chin and neck. This is done by lifting up and strengthening the lax muscles in that portion of the face. It is also called a “vertical vector facelift”, or an “Auralyft”.

Where is Ben Talei from? ›

A native of California, Dr. Benjamin (Ben) Talei graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) with a degree in physiological sciences, receiving both college and departmental honors. While studying at the University of Menedez Pelayo in Spain, Dr.

Do models get face lifts? ›

The answer is yes, of course. Many think that runway models must be extremely slim and without curves. However, some of them have opted for plastic surgery to improve their physical appearance.

What plastic surgery do models get? ›

Several models admit to using Botox or fillers in the lines on their face, or to plump their lips. Usually, it is more mature models who claim to do this, however, it isn't uncommon for women in their twenties to do so as well.

How much does the AuraLyft facelift cost? ›

Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon Ben Talei asserts there are only three or four doctors who can perform his AuraLyft, “the Ferrari of face-lifts” ($25,000). During the three-hour surgery using local anesthesia, Talei goes deep under the muscles to pull up the face, neck and upper chest.

What is the best facelift procedure? ›

The deep plane facelift is generally considered the most comprehensive and long lasting type of facelift. This facelift involves the layer of muscles under your facial skin. These muscles are responsible for much of the drooping or sagging you may experience in your face as you age.

What is the most natural looking facelift? ›

Natural Results: SMAS Facelift

The most dramatic yet natural-looking results occur with a full SMAS facelift with the incisions on either side of the face beginning at the temple and extending down and around the ear to the lower scalp. These incisions are well hidden within the hairline.

What is the best age to have a facelift? ›

In most cases, a facelift works best for people in their 40s, 50s, and 60s when signs of aging begin to become prevalent. Deep lines, wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin are the result of the aging process and can be best corrected through surgical techniques rather than non-surgical ones.

What is the 3 day facelift? ›

This 3 Day Face Lift procedure will tighten loose skin, as sagging skin can age a person significantly while tighter, smooth skin symbolizes youthful vivacity. Additionally, the most telltale sign of aging– wrinkles– will be removed when the facial skin is tightened.

Which model had botched surgery? ›

Who is Linda Evangelista? The supermodel dominated runways in the 90s alongside Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Cindy Crawford, but said she became a recluse after her botched surgery. The modelling icons, known as the original 'supers,' also included Claudia Schiffer and Christy Turlington.

What is the most painful cosmetic surgery recovery list? ›

Many patients suggest that the Brazilian butt lift is the most painful surgery. This is followed by the tummy tuck, breast implants, liposuction, breast lifts and reductions, and jaw surgery. Dental implants can also cause much pain, as you still need to eat in the healing process.

What plastic surgery has Gigi had? ›

All natural! Gigi Hadid has denied plastic surgery rumors over the years and claimed she has "never done anything" to change her looks, other than using makeup contouring.

What is the most expensive facelift? ›

His quote for an extended deep-plane face-lift—his spin on the classic deep-plane lift, first described in the 1990s—is $250,000. He stipulates, however, that this sum covers only the surgical fee for his face- and neck-lift procedure. It does not include anesthesia, the operating room, or recovery nurses and lodging.

What is the longest lasting facelift? ›

Deep Plane Facelift

This supports the skin and underlying structures, resulting in a more natural-looking and longer-lasting result. Additionally, this type of facelift is often less invasive than other types, contributing to its longevity-enhancing effects. Deep plane facelifts typically last for ten years or more.

What is the newest skin tightening procedure 2023? ›

Best procedure for neck tightening in 2023

Microneedling creates micro-punctures in the skin to signal the body to heal and rejuvenate the area, while radiofrequency energy heats the skin to prompt collagen production and stimulate skin tightening.

What is the most invasive facelift? ›

Thread lifts offer the most dramatic results out of these three beloved techniques, however it is the most invasive. Still, it's nothing like a traditional, surgical facelift. Instead, durable biodegradable sutures are used to manually lift and tighten your skin.

What age is too late for a facelift? ›

There is no point at which you reach an age beyond the years acceptable for a facelift procedure. As long as you're physically healthy and mentally prepared for the cosmetic procedure, you can get a facelift no matter how old you've become.

Can a facelift make you look 10 years younger? ›

How much younger does a facelift make me look? According to a study in the February issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (the American Society of Plastic Surgeons). Patients who have undergone a facelift rate themselves as looking at an average of 12 years younger after facelift surgery.

What is the simplest facelift? ›

A mini facelift involves the placement of incisions in front of the ears which extend from the hairline to the bottom of the earlobe. The surgeon will then gently pull the skin and tissues up and outward the ear. Excess skin and tissue are removed to tighten the appearance of the skin.

What percentage of people are happy with their facelift? ›

In fact, Dr. Swanson's research reported that 97% of facelift patients were happy with their results, and 90% of patients reported that they received positive feedback from others. Forty percent of patients researched said their results were even better than they expected.

Who is not a good candidate for a facelift? ›

If your skin is not flexible, or if you're significantly overweight, this isn't the right procedure for you. You also need to accept that a facelift is not a permanent solution to aging. You'll continue to age and may need another procedure or procedures down the line if you want to maintain your “younger look.”

What is the best facelift for a 60 year old? ›

Brow Lift – When you have major furrows and lines on the forehead, undergoing a brow lift is a great option for tightening skin and smoothing those lines away. Lower Facelift – Jowls tend to become more pronounced with advanced age, which is why the lower facelift is such a great option to consider.

What is the average age a woman gets a facelift? ›

Currently, the average age for a woman who undergoes a facelift is somewhere around 58 or 59. Though, as the years pass, the age is becoming younger and younger. Still, it is rare for patients to get a facelift before 50 because aging has not progressed enough to need a full facelift versus a mini facelift.

How long are you in bed after a facelift? ›

It is wise not to pick up small children and you should sleep alone for one week after your operation. SLEEP WITH THE HEAD OF THE BED ELEVATED for 1-2 weeks after your operation. To accomplish this, place two or three pillows under the head of the mattress and one or two on top of it.

How painful is a full facelift? ›

You will feel some pain for 2 to 4 days after surgery. You may have some trouble opening your mouth for several days. The skin around the incisions probably will be numb. You may have some itching or shooting pain as the feeling returns.

What is the one hour smart facelift? ›

The SMART Facelift procedure is a suture suspension technique that lifts the Skin, Muscle, and Adipose while Reducing Tension on the skin. The procedure name (“SMART”) is an acronym and differentiates the procedure from other types of suspension facelift procedures.

What famous model is disfigured? ›

On a special episode of PEOPLE Every Day, supermodel Linda Evangelista breaks her silence on a cosmetic procedure which, she says, left her “brutally disfigured.”

Who is the woman with no nose on Botched? ›

After five surgeries, Cossio felt she had botched her nose. She recently appeared on an episode of "Botched" to have a six surgery to fix the problems the other surgeries created. Claudia Cossio was an aspiring actress, but felt like her nose kept her from getting roles.

How much do patients pay for surgery on Botched? ›

So the procedure, revisional surgery of the type we do, would vary between $30,000 to probably $90,000 or $100,000," explained Dr. Dubrow to Cheat Sheet. In addition to the applicants, the doctors also refer their patients to show, especially if they have to go under the knife multiple times.

What is the deadliest cosmetic procedure? ›

In surgical circles, the Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is known as the deadliest aesthetic procedure ever performed, and despite several calls to improve outcomes, recent data suggest mortality is only getting worse -- especially in South Florida.

What plastic surgery has the highest satisfaction? ›

Breast augmentation has one of the highest satisfaction rates among cosmetic surgeries, which perhaps explains why it is so popular.

What is the most common celebrity plastic surgery? ›

Breast Augmentation as the most popular one!

Breast enlargement is on the top of the list of most popular plastic surgeries, be it in general or among Celebrities in the USA. However, the size of new breasts after breast augmentation has changed over time, together with methods.

Who has the most plastic surgery lady? ›

We Have a Winner - Woman Sets Record for Most Plastic Surgeries Ever. Cindy Jackson always had a feeling that she was born with the wrong body and face. Even as a small child, she was not convinced that her appearance was the one she should have in life.

Did Tyra get plastic surgery? ›

In her new memoir, Perfect Is Boring, which she co-authored with her mother, Banks revealed that she's had plastic surgery—specifically, that she got a nose job early in her career. “I had bones in my nose that were growing and itching,” Banks explained to People. “I could breathe fine, but I added cosmetic surgery.

Where are incisions for Auralyft? ›

Regions treated include the entire neck, jawline, cheeks, under the eyes and even the temporal area lateral to the brow. Incisions are hidden, and they become nearly invisible.

How long does silhouette lift last? ›

How Long Does a Silhouette InstaLift Last? A Silhouette InstaLift will last for 12 months to 18 months and then will need to be evaluated to see what procedure is best suited or if a Silhouette InstaLift is recommended again at that time.

Do you have to sleep on your back after a facelift? ›

Generally speaking, most patients will need to sleep on their back with their upper body slightly elevated for about 2 – 3 weeks after facelift surgery. For patients who undergo a less extensive procedure, such as a mini facelift, it may be possible to return to side-sleeping sooner.

What type of facelift is best for jowls? ›

Mini Facelift – A mini facelift is similar to traditional facelift surgery in that it treats jowling by elevating and tightening facial skin and tissue, though it is typically reserved for individuals who have only a minimal to moderate degree of laxity.

How painful is facelift recovery? ›

There is usually very little actual pain following a facelift, but you may experience a deep bruised sensation as a result of the swelling, and your face may seem heavy. The bandage you will wear the first night may seem quite snug under your chin. Rather than make you feel restricted, we hope it makes you feel secure.

Can a 70 year old have a mini facelift? ›

There is no specific age that is right for a facelift. You can get a facelift at 70, 30, or 45. If you have signs of aging, such as wrinkles, sagging skin, or fine lines, a facelift can help you improve your appearance for a more youthful glow.

How long do you wear face bra after facelift? ›

Most patients wear their compression garments for about two weeks after their facelift, neck lift, or neck liposuction procedures.

How long after facelift will I look normal? ›

Facelift recovery time

You should look and feel normal after 2 – 4 weeks. Keep in mind that facelift surgery cannot stop natural aging, so we encourage patients to continue to take care of their skin and make healthy lifestyle choices.

How long do you have to wear compression after a facelift? ›

Wear your compression garment 24/7 for the 2 weeks. After the second week we recommend you continue to wear the garment while at home for an additional 2 weeks. You may take it off when you go out. The length of time you may need to wear the garment varies by individual surgeon.


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